The Mojo Story

At Mojo Sauce Inc. we are not just another Hot Sauce company. With over 50 years combined of pepper growing experience in both Tropical and Temperate zones, we fully understand the "ins" and "outs" of almost every Hot pepper variety. Despite our expertise, we stumbled upon our own “LOCO PEPPER” Strain by accident. After planting about thirty plants close together in my backyard in 2006 (space limiting), we quickly noticed at harvest that the sweet pepper and milder varieties got a bit hotter and the hotter ones a bit sweeter. Upon further examination, we noticed that despite the varying heat levels, almost all strains maintained the original fruit taste of that pepper variety. Naturally we were quite excited by our inner “chilliheadism”, but that excitement did not last too long. On further investigation of our newly found treasure, we discovered that the heat and flavor levels were not consistent across all the harvested varieties. However there was one tree that looked like the nearby Yellow Habanero, Green Pimiento and Moruga Scorpion all in one. “A Yellow Scorpion” is what we first called it.

The Backyard Story

What We Planted and Harvested

What We Found (Loco Pepper Strain)

We immediately isolated the one’s that had the “yellow scorpion characteristics” for seeds. The next summer is when we would meet the “predictable” Canadian summers of Caledon, Ontario Canada. After harvesting only 6 pounds of pepper from roughly 50 plants, it was obvious that this variety did not like the fluctuating Canadian summers. We immediately took to the great indoors to work on creating a stable strain in a controlled environment…After 2 mail order boxes of lady bugs we were able to pollinate indoors with plants only 12 inches tall…

Success, Now What?

We started our mission to find the most ideal environment to grow hot peppers. What we noticed was that the top 4 hottest varieties according to the New Mexico State University's Chile Pepper Institute were from the little islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Namely:

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, naturally I was inspired. After enlisting the services of our now Director of Research. Mr. Somarpersad Siew, a veteran Ministry of Agriculture Field Officer with over 30 years’ experience in tropical species. We wanted to see the little fishing village of Moruga, home of the Scorpion Pepper. At first glance it was easy to understand, why Moruga? Untouched soil, natural fresh water and lots and lots of sun. Did we mention Volcanic soil from the nearby mud Volcanoes? We were told by the locals “it’s just called Scorpion here.” because you are already in Moruga and we see the pepper more than the Arachnid.

16 Generations of pepper later, all of our peppers are grown organically in the little town of Moruga Trinidad and Tobago. Not because we like paying high shipping cost, but because we would rather pay than compromise on our brand’s premium quality. Most of the current world record holders are just spin offs of the original scorpion pepper and the original 7 pot pepper. Both species grow rampantly in Moruga, Trinidad. However, I have yet to see a “so-called” strain creator be honest about the undeniable origins of their own “alleged record holding peppers.” Simply put we grow Moruga Scorpion peppers in Moruga because that’s where they are from. At Mojo Sauce Inc. we are an open book, all you have to do is take a look…